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Winfield Pottery

Celebrating the beauty of the natural world, Winfield Pottery found market success by channeling the beauty of flora into their designs. Launched in Pasadena, California in 1929, Winfield enjoyed acclaim for almost half a century.

Winfield's pieces are characterized by delicate and expressive renderings of blossoms and branches from nature. Their stylized renderings were reminiscent of early Japanese watercolors, a connection reinforced by the use of soft washes of color, such as cream ivory or light baby blue, to accentuate these beautiful floral forms.

The company’s approach proved immediately successful, so much so that by the '40s, they expanded into a larger facility in Santa Monica. Winfield produced more than 80 different designs during their thirty year existence, but only about a third of them have been named. This can make identification of Winfield pieces more difficult, but sleuthing is worthwhile for fans of California ceramics.

Quick Facts

  • Winfield's lines are as diverse as nature itself, from the Avocado line featuring a flowering avocado fruit in green tones to the delicate Dragon Flower pattern
  • Though Winfield's pieces were crafted using molds, the decorative designs were mostly hand painted
  • Following Winfield's relocation to Santa Monica in 1946, they sold some of their molds, along with their rights to production, to the American Ceramics Company. These pieces can be identified by the mark of "Gabriel" on the bottom, however, they are remarkably rare on today's market

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