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William Comyns Sterling Silver

William Comyns sterling is among the finest and most renowned silver products ever to come out of England. The eponymous silversmith acquired the company from a gentleman named Robert Tagg and erected a factory around 1860.

In 1885, the company name changed to William Comyn & Son after William welcomed his two boys Charles Harling Comyns and Richard Harling Comyns into the business. Around the mid-20th century, in the wake of Richard's death in 1853, the firm is regarded to have lost some of its original prominence but nonetheless endured.

In the late 19th century, William Comyns supplied London with a substantial amount of its silver products, many of which were die stamped. These products were purchased from notable London retailers of the time such as Henry Lewis and Howell & James. William Comyns & Sons is now one of the few original silversmiths in London that still manufactures silver wares.

Quick Facts

  • Charles Harling Comyns passed away while attending a Christie’s auction in 1925
  • William Comyns Victorian era photograph frames routinely sell for more than $1,000 at auction
  • In 2007, Christie’s London sold a 2007 William Comyns sterling buckle for more than $1,500

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