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Vernon Kilns

Vernon Kilns is considered one of the Big Five pottery producers of Southern California in the mid-20th century. Producing a dynamic range of designs over the course of its 20 year existence, Vernon Kilns was the inspiration of Faye Bennison.

Purchasing the defunct Poxon China company in 1931, Bennison rechristened the venture Vernon Kilns and set out to create contemporary lines of dinnerware, art pottery, and collectible ceramics for mid-20th century America. For the first several years of production, Bennison recycled many patterns and decals from the old Poxon days, but an earthquake in mid-'30s destroyed many of the Poxon molds and gave Bennison the opportunity to innovate. Soon after, Vernon Kilns released its first unique pattern, Montecito, followed by the Early California line in 1935, which was the brand's first dinnerware line rendered in brilliant solid colors.

Vernon Kilns expanded into art pottery, transferring their modern approach to these designs. They also began producing custom decal and transferware plates, which were perfectly suited for commemorative editions or souvenir plates. Vernon Kilns closed in the late '50s, shortly after Bennison's death and in response to the ceramic market. But the brilliance of their pieces lives on in ceramic collections today.

Quick Facts

  • Famed American artist Rockwell Kent designed a series of Vernon Kilns plates based on some of his most celebrated woodcuts
  • Vernon Kilns was also celebrated for its figurines, ranging from Disney characters, such as those from Fantasia and Dumbo, to celebrities, including film stars Gary Cooper and Bette Davis
  • Other collectible lines of Vernon Kilns dinnerware include: Early California, Rhythmic, Ultra, and Melinda, one of their last creations

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