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Universal Potteries

Celebrated for their innovative dinnerware designs, Universal Potteries was one of the most acclaimed ceramic companies thriving in mid-20th century Ohio. Though production ceased in the late '50s, Universal Pottery is still known for some of its most creative lines, including its Cattail and Ballerina patterns.

Over its roughly twenty year tenure, Universal Potteries experienced immense success because of their ability to create an impressive array of dinnerware lines. Their patterns, which ranged from the Ballerina's playful floral motifs to the delicate spindles of Cattail reeds, were adequately refined for a well-placed table but were also utilitarian enough to merit daily use. This is perhaps best showcased in their Juvenile line, which featured divided plates with designs to entertain young children.

Universal Pottery pieces are still celebrated today, and their relatively short production period means some rare pieces are in incredibly high demand among collectors. While they reflect the dinnerware traditions of the mid-20th century, Universal Pottery pieces also showcase timeless taste in tableware.

Quick Facts

  • Universal Potteries featured a remarkable range of lines in addition to their celebrated Ballerina and Cattail lines. Over their two decades in production, Universal created more than twenty popular patterns, ranging from Carousel to Upico
  • The Cattail pattern was a subset of the popular Camwood line, which centered on stylized motifs characteristics of the '40s
  • Most Universal Potteries pieces feature a stamp unique to their respective line, which makes identifying each line a bit easier

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