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Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Flatware

Tiffany & Co. sterling silver flatware is among the finest in the world, and is often presented as a gift to commemorate momentous occasions such as the birth of the child, wedding, or graduation. Each Tiffany & Co. sterling silver piece is an immaculate object, appreciated both as the embodiment of craft and as a utilitarian implement.

Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 by 25 year old Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young as a stationary and fancy goods store. Tiffany & Co. pioneered a new American style which represented a marked departure from the opulent Victorian styles that flourished throughout Europe. By contrast, Tiffany & Co. produced simple patterns inspired by the natural world.

The company first achieved international recognition at the 1867 Paris World's Fair when it was awarded the grand prize for silver craftsmanship. Following this auspicious honor, Tiffany & Co. became the royal jeweler to many of the reigning European families including the Czar of Russia and the Ottoman Empire. Tiffany & Co. also supplied jewelry and flatware to distinctive American families including the Vanderbilts and Astors.

Quick Facts

  • In 2011, Christie's sold a Tiffany & Co. silver flatware service for $17,500
  • Tiffany was the first company to use British silver standard (92% pure), a standard that was subsequently adopted by the U.S. government largely thanks to the efforts of Charles Lewis Tiffany
  • At the U.S. government's request, Tiffany & Co. produced ceremonial swords for Civil War generals as well as the congressional medal of honor

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