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Sterling Silver Sugar Bowls & Tongs

Few things suggest understated elegance more than a beautiful sterling sugar bowl with a matching pair of tongs. For many individuals and families, the sugar bowl is essential kitchen item. It is used each day as its contents are added to tea, coffee, and cereals, among other applications.

As an indispensable domestic object that is unlikely to become obsolete, many collectors own at least one sugar bowl of high quality and aesthetic value. There is arguably no finer than those created from sterling silver. Some sugar bowls are simple and unembellished. Others are quite elaborate, featuring complex geometric designs as well as animal and plant motifs.

There is a sterling sugar bowl and tongs set to match every sense of style and kitchen décor. Some of the most famous producers of sterling sugar bowls and tongs include Tiffany & Co. and Ercuis, but there are many leading silversmiths who have produced excellent examples.

Quick Facts

  • Sterling sugar bowls and tongs routinely sell for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars at auction
  • Sugar bowls incorporate designs that have been inscribed using a variety of methods including enameling and engraving
  • Piercing, in which the vessel was pierced using fine saw or punch, was another method by which silversmiths added designs to sugar bowls

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