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Sterling Silver - General

Sterling silver is treasured among designers for its malleability and affordability as a medium, and among collectors for its beauty as a material in jewelry, flatware, and household items. Sterling silver consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloy metal, typically copper. An item must contain this percentage of silver in order to be legally considered solid or sterling silver by the U.S. government, and will typically be stamped with either .925 or 925, signifying this level of purity.

Sterling silver is used in the construction of hollowware, flatware and silver jewelry. Since time immemorial, humans have treasured silver with its white radiance reminiscent of the moon's luminescence. The earliest silver treasures date back to around 3,100 B.C. when ambassadors from Crete presented Egyptian rulers with silver vases.

Today, sterling silver is used in the construction of tie bars, belt buckles, and I.D. bracelets for men, jewelry and makeup brushes for women, and rattles and teething rings for infants. Sterling silver remains a popular choice for the body, as well as the home, among people of all ages and nationalities.

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