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Sterling Silver Cups

The sterling silver cup evolved from a similar kind of vessel popular throughout Eastern Europe called the beaker, which technically is taller than it is wide. Shot-sized beakers made from sterling silver were considered to be the vessel of choice for consuming vodka in Russia.

The earliest examples of sterling silver cups date back to the 15th century, when Scandinavians produced elegant beer steins. Over the next two centuries, the Germans and English developed their own varieties of beer tankards, which tended to be squatter and wider in nature. The German and English varieties of the 16th and 17th centuries most resemble those that we are familiar with today, and often included engraved scenes from The Bible or Greek mythology.

Sterling silver cups remain incredibly popular in America and throughout the world for their luster and white radiance as well as for their versatility. Most notably, sterling silver cups have been used throughout history as ceremonial keepsakes for corporate awards, gifts for infants, wine goblets, and sturdy silver beer tankers.

Quick Facts

  • The mint julep tumbler, a vessel designed for drinking the eponymous cocktail that is popular throughout the American South, is arguably the most renowned type of sterling silver cup
  • Sterling silver cups, especially those made by esteemed producers such as Tiffany & Co., routinely sell for hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars at auction
  • The cup presented by Titanic survivor Molly Brown to the captain of the rescue ship the Carpathia sold for more than $200,000 during a 2015 auction by Henry Aldridge & Son

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