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Stangl Pottery

Following in the footsteps of Fulper pottery, Stangl Pottery was dominant in the field of ceramic dinnerware. Alongside these popular lines, Stangl also earned a reputation for their art pottery as well as their endearing ceramic bird figurines, which still captivate collectors today.

The story of Stangl pottery began with Martin Stangl, who joined the team of Fulper Pottery in 1910. Following a brief hiatus, Stangl returned to the company to work up the managerial hierarchy, becoming president in 1926. When William Fulper, namesake of the corporation, died two years later, Stangl assumed sole control and changed the name to Stangl Pottery. The change was more than just a name, however: Stangl set out to create innovative hand-painted art pottery and dinnerware.

By the early '40s, Stangl had become a pivotal producer of ceramic wares. Some of their most popular pieces were the Stangl ceramic bird figurines, which are still popular among avid collectors today.

Quick Facts

  • Stangl pottery continued production unabated until the late '70s when, several years following the death of Martin Stangl, the remaining ceramics were liquidated
  • Authentic Stangl pieces should always be marked with "Stangl" or "Stangl USA;" the ceramic bird figurines are also typically numbered
  • Among Stangl's most popular patterns were Golden Harvest, Country Garden, Amber Glo, and Kiddieware, a line specifically designed for children

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