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Silverplate Coffee Pots

Silverplate coffee pots suggest all of the class and refinement of sterling silver, but can be obtained at a much more accessible price point. Whereas sterling has long been associated with royalty and aristocracy, silverplate has been a material of the people since its inception.

The advent of the Sheffield plating technique, which requires only a small amount of pure silver, allowed for silversmiths to produce exquisite objects with the treasured burnish and white color of silver at an exponentially lower cost than sterling. This savings was passed on to the consumers who could afford to purchase objects with the appearance of pure silver that had previously been beyond their reach.

Today, silverplate coffee pots are still an excellent way for collectors to add a touch of class to their morning breakfast or dessert service. Silverplate coffee pots generally cost less than $500, making them an affordable option for those seeking a more reasonably-priced alternative to sterling.

Quick Facts

  • Many collectors refer to coffeepots forged in this bimetal material as old Sheffield plate
  • There are rare examples of coffee pots that were created during the mid-19th century using a hybrid of Sheffield and electroplating techniques
  • Silverplated coffee pots, even those produced by esteemed makers such as Tiffany & Co., can often be purchased for less than $500

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