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Silver Vases

Silver and silverplated vases became popular during the 19th century as objects of all types fabricated from these materials enjoyed great popularity. During this time period, silver vases were produced in England, America, and Japan, among other nations, each possessing nationally-influenced design elements.

Silver and silverplated vases range in design aesthetic from austere and unembellished to highly decorative. Many silver vases feature decorative chased and repoussé designs displaying floral and geometric motifs. Another popular kind of vase during the Victorian era included overlaid designs in which the artisan electroplated a thin layer of pure silver onto a non-conductive surface such as glass or porcelain.

Beautiful silverplated vases can be acquired at auction for a few hundred dollars or less. Vases made of sterling silver can cost from several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars.

Quick Facts

  • While typically only silver connoisseurs are able to tell the difference between silverplated and sterling, the latter is a more durable material and remains in pristine condition for generations
  • In 2012, Christie’s sold an antique American vase bearing the maker’s mark Tiffany & Co. for more than $6,000
  • Also in 2012, Christie’s sold a William IV silver presentation vase made by Paul Storr for more than $200,000

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