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Silver Platters & Trays

Whether one is serving caviar at a black-tie dinner or tea to friends, silver platters & trays are sure to impress. Silver platters and trays come in a variety of styles from the ornate to the unadorned. Some of the most celebrated producers of platters and trays include Tiffany & Co., Reed & Barton, and Dominick & Haff.

19th century British and American silver platters often feature floral and elaborate geometric patterns. Modernist designs such as those created by Scandinavian designer Georg Jensen boast cleaner and more simple lines.

While there are plenty of excellent contemporary silver platters and trays, the warm patina of vintage and antique examples can be especially enrapturing. A great silver patina suggests the platter was cherished and enjoyed over many generations. These antique finds also suggest the charm of a bygone era in which even a lowly bowl of soup was served on a beautiful receptacle.

Quick Facts

  • In January 2015, Skinner Auctioneers sold two Francis I trays, each scarcely over 11 inches, for more than $900
  • In 2005, Christie’s in Sydney, Australia sold a six-inch diameter George II sterling tray for more than $600, a testament to the demand for sterling platters and trays even at such a diminutive size
  • The Georgian period (1714-1830) is considered the Golden Age of platters and trays. Examples remain among the most desired objects by sterling collectors

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