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Roseville Pottery

A beacon of artistic ingenuity in east central Ohio, Roseville Pottery Company produced streamlined yet striking designs from the late 19th to the 20th century. Channeling the American Arts and Crafts movement, Roseville pieces are characterized by simple yet sophisticated shapes complemented by bright, brilliant color.

Established by J. F. Weaver in 1890, Roseville Pottery was incorporated two years later and began carving their niche out of the field of stoneware pieces. Success and expansion to include other pottery companies resulted in a move of Roseville to Zanesville, Ohio in 1898. At the turn of the century, Roseville ventured into art pottery, thanks to the initial designs of artist Ross C. Purdy. Soon after, Frederick Hurten Rhead came to work as art director for Roseville, accelerating the success of Roseville's designs on the market.

Responding to demands for pieces in the American Arts and Crafts style, Roseville embodied the clean lines and brilliant color indicative of the approach. The result was art pottery that was indeed timeless, in demand as much in the early 20th century as it is today.

Quick Facts

  • Roseville's first art pottery line was called "Rozane." The name, conjured by designer Ross C. Purdy, was a mashup of the company's two city locations, Roseville and Zanesville
  • One of the most celebrated lines of the early 20th century was the Pine Cone line, which debuted around 1930. Characterized by their brilliant green and brown glazes, the Pine Cone line included more than 150 different shapes
  • Though Roseville Pottery shuttered its doors in 1953, the facilities stayed in production: the Mosaic Tile Company purchased the factory the following year

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