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Purinton Pottery

Emerging from Shippenville, Pennsylvania in the early years of the 20th century, Purinton Pottery became renowned for its elaborately decorated ceramic dinnerware. Though in production for only about twenty years, Purinton pieces are still in high demand today.

Purinton began with Bernard Purinton, a native of Ohio who came from a family of ceramists. In the early days of production, Bernard developed new methods for casting, later patented as slipware, which he put to use when he invested in his own plant in Shippenville around 1936. In the following years, Purinton streamlined the manufacturing process, allowing for more rapid production on a wide range of pieces.

Early Purinton pieces were utilitarian, such as mugs or picnic ware, but as their prestige grew, the pottery company began creating a wider array or more refined dinnerware pieces. Today, all types of Purinton pieces in exceptional condition are coveted by collectors, a testament to the timelessness of the company's creations.

Quick Facts

  • The facility that became Purinton Pottery was originally East Liverpool Pottery Company. Bernard Purinton began managing that company in 1931 before his purchase of the business five years later
  • One of Purinton's most coveted pieces is the teapot they designed for McCormick Tea Company. These bright-yellow two-cup teapots were the first pieces to come out of the company's kiln on December 7th, 1941, the day that Pearl Harbor was attacked
  • One Purinton pottery pattern that is particularly popular is Peasant Ware, which was one of their earliest creations. Also treasured is their Palm Tree, which was so highly demanded that it inspired a corresponding line of Kay Kraft jewelry

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