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Poole Pottery

A beacon of Art Deco ingenuity, Poole pottery is one of the most celebrated pottery producers of England's Dorset coast. Renowned for its innovative pottery patterns from Aegean to Twintone, Poole pottery vases and plates defined an era of modern ceramic design.

The company that would become known as Poole was first founded in 1873 by Jesse Carter, who purchased a defunct ornamental brick and tile company, renaming it Carter's Industrial Tile Manufactory. This industrial production was replaced with art pottery in the early 20th century, when Jesse's son, Owen, took control of the company. This artistic aesthetic was only furthered when Owen's nephew, Cyril, took the corporate helm around 1920. It was at this point that Cyril added designers Harold and Phoebe Stabler as well as John and Truda Adams, a collaboration that would cause Poole's popularity to skyrocket.

Poole soon became a recognized leader in Art Deco art pottery design, creating novel patterns alongside souvenir pieces that are still celebrated today by antique pottery collectors.

Quick Facts

  • The original Carter's company was commissioned to create much of the tile featured in the early London Underground subway stations. Only a few stations like London's Bethnal Green still showcase these tiles, which were adorned with London landmarks
  • Poole pottery is so treasured that some of the company's pieces are featured in the collection of London's Victoria & Albert Museum
  • Poole pottery's main facility officially closed in 2006, but Poole pieces are still being created by the Royal Overhouse Manufactory in Stoke-on-Trent

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