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Pocket Watches & Accessories

Antique and vintage timepieces reflect one of the most ideal combinations of history and high-end design. While the desire to keep track of time has been persistent since the dawn of humankind, Chinese inventors of the 8th century were the ones to develop the first mechanized timepiece. Soon the western world followed suit, with water-driven clocks emerging in the 12th century that were replaced late in the subsequent century by mechanical timepieces.

With the innovation in time telling technology becoming ever more rapid, the notion of a portable timepiece emerged in the 16th century. These early versions were mostly pendants suspended on a chain around the neck, which was both convenient and cumbersome, particularly for the active wearer. Fortunately, following closely on its heels was the development of the pocket watch, which, by the 17th century, was firmly established as a necessary accouterment for daily dress.

Over the centuries the pocket watch grew into its own statement piece, becoming increasingly lavish with the incorporation of more precious materials. The pocket watch ruled until the early 20th century, when the newly introduced wristwatch became predominant.

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