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Pins & Brooches

The brooch reflects an ultimately aesthetic invention that arose out of a purely functional object. It finds its origins in the ancient world, as our early ancestors grappled with dressing. Once humans began draping themselves in fabrics and cloaks, there arose a need to fasten these wraps in place.

The solution was the rudimentary brooch or pin that joined folds of fabric securely such that the wearer could go about his or her daily business. Over time, these utilitarian attachments evolved to be a symbol of luxury. Important rulers would port pins crafted from gold, and elegant ladies would wear brooches bedecked with gemstones and pearls as a sign of both wealth and status.

This luxurious adaptation of the brooch continues today, with the world’s finest jewelry houses still conjuring decadent pins for the most refined of wearers. From celebrities to the common lady, the brooch is an assured treasure for your jewelry collection.

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