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Owens Pottery

Masters of Midwestern style, Owens pottery created vases that were a beacon of artful expression at the turn of the century. Owens set themselves apart from their ceramic competition by specializing in innovative glazing techniques, an element that still captivates connoisseurs today.

Owens pottery was founded in 1885, when John B. Owen opened his factory in Zanesville, Ohio. Soon after founding the company, Owen recruited experts in the field, from Albert Radford to John Herold, to develop innovative designs in art pottery.

From matte finish pastel floral motifs to deep, earthen-hued glazes, Owens vases captivated a clientele who sought the simplicity and straightforwardness of Arts and Crafts design. Though they ceased production in 1907, Owens vases continue to be a favorite among cultured collectors today.

Quick Facts

  • Over the course of their art pottery period (roughly 1896-1907), Owens pottery produced more than 40 different different pottery lines. Some of their most popular included Utopian, Lotus, and Matte Green
  • Owens' departure from the field of art pottery in the early 20th century did not mean his end in the ceramic business. On the contrary, it signaled his shift into the decorative tile industry. In 1907, the Owens name reappeared as part of the J.B. Owens Floor & Wall Tile Company
  • Following in the tradition of Owens pottery, the company's hometown developed the Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics. A collaborative creation established along with the Ohio Arts Council and the Zanesville Museum of Art, the competition debuted in 2014

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