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Moorcroft Pottery

One of the last independent pottery producers in England, Moorcroft pottery designs employ a unique glazing process. The process was established by William Moorcroft, the company’s founder, in the late 1800s.

William Moorcroft first started to design pots in 1897 as part of James Macintyre & Company Ceramics. Moorcroft was given license to customize and sign each pot he designed, which generated incredible demand, but distracted consumers from other porcelain offerings of the company. As a result, the Moorcroft subdivision of James Macintyre & Company was officially closed down in 1912, and William was left to begin his own organization.

Riding high from a gold medal win for his display of pieces at the Saint Louis International Exhibition in 1904, Moorcroft set out to create breathtaking designs both rich in color and striking in sophistication. Though his career was cut short by death from a severe stroke in 1945, Moorcroft nevertheless established a dynasty of porcelain production that is still celebrated today.

Quick Facts

  • Moorcroft remained in the family of William Moorcroft until the early '80s. Today, Moorcroft is managed by Maureen and Hugh Edwards, who aspire to maintain the same ethic of design first instilled by Moorcroft himself
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum is one of several international prominent collections that hold Moorcroft pieces
  • One of the highest recorded sale prices for Moorcroft pieces was achieved by a tea set. Sold at Christie’s London in 2010, the final hammer price was $22,485

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