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A brand name associated with excellence in tableware, Mikasa crystal and china pieces exude timeless taste. Celebrating more than half a century as a leader in design, Mikasa continues to recruit new collectors today.

Mikasa got its start in international distribution in the '30s. Based out of New Jersey, the American-born Mikasa company became renowned for the pieces it distributed, so much so that in the late '40s, they decided to extend their reach into ceramic dinnerware. Opening in 1948 as American Commercial Incorporated, Mikasa began selling dinnerware imported from a variety of Asian and European producers. Their success was immediate: within the following decade, Mikasa’s products were filling the shelves of the biggest department American stores, with some selling out of their stock in record time.

This demand continued unabated over the subsequent years, encouraging Mikasa to further expand their offerings into the realm of crystal and glassware in the late '70s to early '80s. Mikasa china and crystal wares are still in demand, with Mikasa pieces still produced today.

Quick Facts

  • Though Mikasa is an American company, the name is Japanese: it was borrowed from Takahito, Japanese Prince Mikasa and younger brother of Emperor Hirohito, Emperor Sh?wa
  • By the midpoint of the 20th century, Mikasa was known by many as the pioneer of American casual as they brought elegance to everyday dinnerware
  • The addition of crystal to Mikasa’s offerings coincided with expansions into flatware services and some decorative objects as well

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