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Mason's Ironstone China & Masons Pottery

With a legacy that dates back to the early 19th century, Mason’s Ironstone pottery is renowned for its remarkable blend of durability and design. Mason pottery is still in production today, and antique pieces still solicit a great deal of attention from savvy collectors.

Founder Miles Mason opened the ceramics company after realizing the demand for ceramic designs while working as an Asian porcelain importer. During the early 19th century, Mason and his sons refined their formula for ironstone china, which proved revolutionary on the market. It was incredibly durable, while also strikingly sophisticated, similar to elegant porcelain designs of the day.

Mason’s Ironstone became a household name across Europe and even America, and for collectors, it still is today. From the Mason’s fruit basket to the elegant dinnerware, Mason’s Ironstone features enticing ceramics.

Quick Facts

  • Mason’s first factory in Fenton was known as the "Minerva Works." It was renamed "Mason's," as Mason's three sons ran the factory
  • Mason’s son, Charles, patented the family’s ironstone ceramics in 1813
  • In 1815, Charles Mason married Sarah Spode, whose grandfather was Josiah Spode. Shortly after the nuptials, Mason’s assumed command of a former Spode facility

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