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Liberty & Co. Tudric Pewter

Liberty & Co. Tudric pewter was created out of a union between preeminent silversmith William Hair Haseler and high-end department store owner Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1899. Their outfit designed, fabricated, and sold some of the finest pewter objects to ever come out of Britain.

Haseler previously ran W.H. Haseler & Co., specializing in gold and sterling work. After forming Liberty & Co., the pair hired many prominent English designers to help create new patterns. Tudric, however, was a line that designed solely by Haseler, which helps to explain its exalted status among collectors of pewter.

Liberty & Co. produced a diversity of pewter objects including table clocks and picture frames. Their designs often incorporate flowing geometric patterns, as well as motifs inspired by nature reflecting Art Nouveau influences.

Quick Facts

  • Arthur Lasenby Liberty endeavored to create beautiful and utilitarian pewter objects accessible to all classes
  • Liberty & Co. was one of the leading producers of Art Nouveau-inspired objects, a trend which peaked at the beginning of the 20th century and ended around the advent of World War I
  • Some silver historians argue that the horrors of World War I translated into a more austere and somber aesthetic in metal work as opposed to the more flamboyant patterns that were characteristic of Art Nouveau

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