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James Dixon & Sons

Founded in 1806, James Dixon & Sons was one of the largest British manufacturers during the Industrial revolution. They have produced a wide array of domestic objects for the kitchen and dining table, including hollowware and flatware, tea services, and cocktail shakers. During the 19th century, they were also among the world leaders in manufacturing shooting accessories and exported a significant number of powder flasks to America.

James Dixon & Sons has been honored with commissions to create some of the world’s most coveted trophies. These include the American Masters Golf Tournament trophy and the Hales trophy of 1932, awarded to the sailing crew who still holds the world record for the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. The company is also regarded as one of the premiere makers of whistles for outdoor sporting.

James Dixon & Sons used a wide variety of materials in constructing metal wares including pewter, electroplated silver, and electroplated Britannia metal. The company remained in family hands from its founding until 1976 when it was sold to a larger company in Sheffield, England.

Quick Facts

  • In 2014, Christie’s London sold a set of twelve James Dixon & Sons silver lobster picks for more than $4,000
  • While Sheffield silver tends to be less expensive than sterling, James Dixon & Sons silverplated objects often still command many thousands of dollars due to their age and rarity
  • Registered in 1879, the most common hallmark for James Dixon & Sons is a trumpet with a banner hanging from it

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