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Hull Pottery

Originating in Crooksville, Ohio, Hull is undoubtedly one of the most recognized names in American pottery production. With a legacy still supported today by the Hull Pottery Association, Hull pieces continue to captivate collectors on the auction market.

Addis Emmet Hull first opened the Hull Pottery Company in 1905, specializing in functional stoneware pieces as well as decorative ceramic tiles. Hull experienced almost immediate success. Thanks to this early success, Hull expanded its offerings to incorporate art pottery in a wider variety of designs and glazes, which helped to boost the brand’s popularity in the public eye. One of their most iconic designs was the Hull Brown Drip line, which accentuated the tradition of earthen stoneware with a rich brown drip glaze.

Though Hull pottery shuttered in the late '80s, their art pottery continues to be coveted today, with prices for well-preserved pieces on a steady climb.

Quick Facts

  • Founder Addis Emmet, or A.E. for short, stayed at the helm of the company until his death in 1930. His son, A.E. Hull, Jr., took over operations but left only seven years later to oversee another pottery manufacturer
  • By the end of the '40s, Hull pottery was as its peak, but a combination flood and fire in June of 1950 brought production to a standstill. Fortunately, Hull was back on its feet by early 1952
  • Authentic Hull pieces can be identified by studying the mark. For Hull pieces created prior to 1950, the bottom should be marked "HULL USA" or "HULL ART USA." Following 1950, these identifying stamps were truncated to simply HULL in all capital letters

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