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Historical, Political & Space Collectibles

Historical memorabilia includes any items associated with famous historical people, events, places, or organizations. The item must be associated with something or someone historical. This of course includes a huge range of collectible items, so collectors usually focus on one category within this area of collecting. For example, some people collect circus posters, others collect labor union memorabilia, and still others collect police and firefighter memorabilia.

One specific area of collecting that falls within historical memorabilia is political collecting. This includes any items, both historical and modern, that are associated with politics. Campaign buttons are very popular political collectibles, as are bumper stickers, posters, banners, watch fobs, medals, and other items that were produced for political campaigns. More specific yet is the area of space memorabilia, which involves collecting items associated with various space programs. Autographed photos and movie footage of space landings are popular with space collectors.

Historical memorabilia is often faked or reproduced, so collectors need to be knowledgeable about originals and aware of approved reproductions. Some types of reproductions are required by law to be labeled as such.

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