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Fulper Pottery

Famous for its luminescent luster, Fulper Pottery earned early acclaim for its captivating and colorful ceramics. Fulper pieces are still beloved today, both for their gleaming glazes and for their part in the history of 20th-century American ceramics.

Fulper Pottery can trace its ancestry to Hunterdon County, New Jersey, where, in 1809, the Fulper Brothers opened their first pottery facility. Their first lines consisted mainly of utilitarian and daily use items rendered in the clay that was prevalent in the county. Growing in popularity with these initial offerings, Fulper transitioned to a wider array of art pottery pieces in the early years of the 20th century.

The company added dinnerware lines in the mid-'30s, which would eventually become the mainstay of the brand. Fulper art pottery pieces remain some of the most coveted by fans of the company. Their rich color range, which took precedence over decorative designs and details, makes Fulper a fantastic addition to any ceramic collection.

Quick Facts

  • During its heyday, Fulper boasted around 100 different glazes for its ceramics
  • Fulper pioneered what is known as the "flambé glaze," which involves crystals suspended in the glaze itself that, when fired, create a brilliant effect similar to flames of a fire or torch
  • Fulper is often credited as having created the first full dinnerware line in solid color glazes

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