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Frankoma & Gracetone Pottery

One of the most iconic ceramic producers coming from the state of Oklahoma, Frankhoma pottery is renowned worldwide for its decorative designs that range from sculptures and vases to dinnerware. Between its hallmarks of locally-sourced clay and Southwestern motifs, Frankoma designs reflect the homespun heritage of the manufacturer.

John Frank, a former ceramics professor at the University of Oklahoma, established Frankoma pottery in 1933 in the city of Norman. Like many pottery producers of the early-20th century, his goal in opening his own company was to create a line of pottery that was both stylish and cost effective.

Frankoma was a pillar of the Oklahoma ceramic market until 1973, when John Frank died. His daughter took over operations, but a fire in 1983 combined with slower business resulted in eventual demise. The celebration of Frankoma and Gracetone pieces and their bold colors lives on in some of the finest ceramic collections.

Quick Facts

  • "Frankoma" is a mash-up of "Frank," the founder’s last name, and "oma," the last three letters of the state’s name
  • Frankoma’s early designs featured the lighter-hued Ada clay, which was prevalent near Norman. A move of the facility to Sapulpa in the late '30s precipitated an eventual change to brilliant red clay found in the new area
  • Most Frankoma pieces were stamped with a prominent "FRANKOMA" on the bottom

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