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Franklin Mint

A chief producer of all things commemorative, the Franklin Mint crafted celebratory items from coins to die-cast figurines for the better part of a century. Today, their production reminds collectors of the best of the bygone years of the 20th century.

Founded in 1963 by Joseph Segel, the Franklin Mint, headquartered in Wawa, Pennsylvania, first launched their brand with commemorative coins minted in gold and silver. The success of the original numismatic lines led the Franklin Mint to expand into uncirculated legal tender coin sets featuring national and international designs.

Today, the Franklin Mint is still beloved as a prestigious chronicler of Americana, with homes across America still treasuring collectibles created by the brand.

Quick Facts

  • The "Franklin Mint" is still technically in production, but only in name. Purchased by Roll International in 1993, the Franklin Mint began to slow production, and since 2013, has been under the ownership of Sequential Brands Group
  • A lesser-known line of Franklin Mint production was their sets of LP records, including one called "The 100 Greatest Recordings of All Time." This LP, originally released in the late 1970s, was timed to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Thomas Edison’s creation of the phonograph
  • The Franklin Mint contributed the die-cast figurines for the best-selling 1991 commemorative edition of the "Monopoly" board game, whose sales topped $1,000,000

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