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Burleigh Pottery

Renowned internationally for their traditional earthenware deigns, Burleigh Pottery has been a landmark of English production in the Staffordshire region for generations.

The history of Burleigh pottery can be traced to 1862, when pioneering figures Frederick Rathbone Burgess and William Leigh took over ownership of the Hulme and Booth Pottery Company near Burslem, England. In its early days of production, Burleigh pottery was characterized by its high quality and remarkable range of offerings from dinnerware to more utilitarian objects, resulting in high demand across the European population.

The '20s and '30s were some of the company’s most popular, with designers such as Charles Wilkes and Charlotte Rhead contributing their innovative ideas. The ability of Burleigh to respond to market demands contributed greatly to their success and longevity, with Burleighware variations still in production today.

Quick Facts

  • First using the name "Burgess & Leigh" for their pieces, the company changed its name to the truncated "Burleigh," a blend of both last names, in the '30s
  • Treasured Burleigh pieces appear in some of the world’s most impressive museum collections, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum
  • Realizing the value of international market reach, Burleigh was one of the first pottery companies to develop a rich network of offices around the globe. By the '20s, Burleigh had agencies on four continents

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