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Boulenger Flatware

Boulenger flatware is an excellent example of 19th-century French silverware. The elegant lines and artistic embellishments, which often feature elaborate floral and geometric designs, add a stunning design flair to any table setting. As much of Boulenger flatware is silver plated rather than sterling, Boulenger flatware can typically be obtained for an affordable price. This allows collectors to have all of the extravagant flair of silverware from this era at a lower cost than some of their rival producers.

From its inception, Boulenger was a family-run business. In 1864, Adolphe Boulenger took the reigns of the company from his father. Boulenger was a nickel producer and silversmith who operated two plants in France, one in the town of Cretéil and another for silverplating in Paris.

Boulenger silver is typically identified by its BOULENGER hallmark usually engraved on the bottom of the flatware. Boulenger flatware continues to be highly sought after for its perennial beauty. The flatware continues to appeal to a large audience more than one hundred years after it was created.

Quick Facts

  • In 2013, Christie’s sold a Boulenger silver vegetable dish for more than $2,400
  • Adolphe Boulenger showed his silver wares at the Exposition Universelle in Paris of 1878 among many other renowned silversmiths of the time
  • Boulenger flatware consistently sells at auction for many hundreds of dollars, sometimes even thousands

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