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Bennington Pottery

Bennington pottery is one of the most celebrated ceramic regions on the East Coast. From their early stoneware to their later more sophisticated styles, Bennington pottery has woven itself through the last centuries of American history.

Bennington’s hub as a producer of ceramic wares began in the late 18th century, when it was discovered that the region was rich with deposits of clay. The town is also situated near the Hudson River, which meant water, necessary for operating pottery-making machinery, was in plentiful supply. Soon, pottery production was prolific in the area, but by the late 19th century, the number of ceramic designers dwindled. The costs of management combined with drops in demand almost brought the heritage of Bennington pottery to an end by the '40s.

Local potter David Gil began developing his own company, which emerged in the '60s as Bennington Potters. Rekindling the design sense of generations past, Gil revived the tradition of Bennington pottery and secured its success well into the current era.

Quick Facts

  • The early success of Bennington’s two chief manufacturers, Norton Pottery and The U.S. Pottery Company, earned them a ticket to showcase their wares at New York’s Crystal Palace Exhibition in 1853
  • So celebrated is the heritage of Bennington production that the Bennington Museum prominently features their collection of local Parian porcelain pieces
  • Bennington Potters still creates pottery today. The facility, known by locals as "Potters’ Yard," is one of the most frequently visited attractions in Vermont

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