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Artisan Pottery

Honoring the art of the handmade, artisan pottery is treasured for its ability to capture the natural workmanship of the artist. From free-form vessels to finely painted porcelain, artisan pottery reflects the vast and varied traditions of the ceramic field.

Ceramic pottery dates back to the earliest eras of human history, and it was not long after its creation that artists realized its potential for decoration. By the age of ancient Greece, painted pottery had evolved into its own art form, with refined narratives and incredibly impressive artistic techniques. This refinement continued over subsequent generations, but in more recent times, potters began to rekindle the ancient methods of pottery creation.

Today, hand-thrown vessels with a hint of deliberate asymmetry sit alongside sophisticated porcelain dinner services. Pieces across the spectrum reveal just how remarkable the evolution of artisan pottery has been over course of history.

Quick Facts

  • One of the most popular forms of artisan pottery is that of stoneware. Known for its brown or gray color, stoneware was initially incredibly popular for large jugs and crockery
  • The ancient Greeks gave us a wide array of ceramic vessel types, all designed to accommodate their use. They also developed innovative methods for vase painting in their pioneering of the black- and red-figure techniques
  • Working for a small facility in Vallauris, France, Pablo Picasso produced more than 3,000 ceramic pieces, including some decorated dishes and vessels

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