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Art Deco Vases

From lush glazes to elegant motifs, Art Deco vases reflect the design innovation of the movement that captivated culture in the early decades of the 20th century.

Though the name was applied to the movement retroactively in the '60s, Art Deco designs first emerged in the '20s. The movement was characterized by an uncanny blend of sleek lines of the modern world and references to the ancient past. The geometric forms that enlivened Art Deco vases took their inspiration from the contemporary artistic movements of Cubism and Futurism, while the motifs they often integrated into these forms were sometimes derived from ancient Egypt and other far-off locales.

With sources of inspiration that responded to and incorporated contemporary culture, the Art Deco movement is often synonymous with the early 20th century. Vases from this movement are still highly treasured today.

Quick Facts

  • The artists of the Art Deco era shared some similarities with Art Nouveau, but the essential difference is that the Art Deco designers rejected the emphasis on organic naturalism seen in Art Nouveau motifs, choosing instead to emphasize the clean lines of simple geometry
  • Art Deco vessels are coveted not only by collectors but by museums. Some of the world’s most prominent collections, including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, feature impressive assortments of Art Deco pieces
  • Some of the major designers and producers of Art Deco ceramic vases are Daum, Lalique, and Galileo Chini, but there are many more who contributed to the field. Even some Moorcroft designs fall within the Art Deco aesthetic

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