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Alvin Silver

Alvin is regarded as one of the finest early-American producers of silver. The company was founded in Irvington, New Jersey in 1886 and later relocated to Sag Harbor, New York. Throughout its storied history, Alvin has operated under a variety of names, including The Alvin Silver Manufacturing Company, Alvin Silver Co., The Alvin Mfg. Co., and Alvin Corporation.

Over the years, Alvin has produced a wide array of objects from hollow and flatware patterns to finely-decorated mirrors and tea sets. The Bridal Rose, William Penn, and Edward VII rank among their well-known patterns. Around the turn of the 19th century, Alvin began to manufacture silverware based on historical patterns, which was met with great success. This positioned them as a major competitor of the American giant Gorham Mfg. Co.

In 1928, Gorham negotiated the acquisition of Alvin’s dies, the key to reproducing their famed silver objects. Alvin now exists as a subsidiary of Gorham, which continues to manufacture some of the early Alvin lines.

Quick Facts

  • Because Alvin changed names and hands several times over its history, the hallmarks are considerably different depending on the year that the object in question was produced
  • In 2012, Skinner Auctioneers sold a partial set of Alvin Francis I sterling flatware service for more than $2,000
  • Alvin objects in sterling from the late 19th century tend to be the most valuable and highly sought after

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